Programs Offered



Certificate in Christian Ministry

A two-year course designed for Christians wishing to serve God and encourage them into full ministry.


Certificate in Church Music

A two-year course which is designed to train students with musical talents, with an internship program that would enhance them for ministry.


Bachelor of Christian Education

A four-year course which provides a firm foundation for Christians entering the ministry field.  This includes training, internship and challenges that are essential in mission and ministry.




The fundamental  Philosophy  of the Study-financial aid program of PBS is based on the Christian spirit that Bible education be made available to everybody without regard to race, creed, origin, handicap, sex or age.  The Study-financial aid program will make every effort to make it possible for every student to enroll in Philippine Bible Seminary who would normally be deprived of an education because of inadequate funds.  PBS shall try to seek out funds from generous entities or individuals in order to assist the prospective and current students.

Study Work Program is a financial help being offered to any full-time students who are financially deficient and his study in the seminary is not being supported by his/her family or by someone, but otherwise very willing to study God’s word.  The Work Study Program gives the student a monetary allowance needed for his/her daily sustenance during his/her study in the seminary.