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   Ernesto Sta. Ana, Director                                                                          Philip Campbell

   Roy Sidingan, Asst. Director                                                                      1145 Storybrook Drive

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                                    PROGRESS REPORT NO. 721 December 2017


       Subject       :           Year End Report (June – December)

Date                :           January 4, 2018


Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Happy New Year one and all. I do hope that everybody met the arrival of 2018 with excellent physical condition.

I am sending a summary of our activities last covering the month of June to December 2017. May God bless. Regards.

First Semester School Year 2017-2018


-          Classes started with 33 students, 20 fulltime and 13 part-time.

-          Bro. Abel together with 3 visitors from Pennsylvania came. PBS was happy to be a part of their mission work in the Philippines. We accompanied them to the orphanage and to a village where they distributed some gifts to children. PBS students joined them in painting a chapel. Young people from nearby churches had fellowship with them.


-          PBS faculty, staff, their families and students underwent a fire and earthquake lecture and demo on July 28, 2017.

-          Our students attended a worship leading workshop on July 1, 2017. This event was facilitated by a worship group from Manila.


-          The seminary’s regular weekly church visitation program commenced on August 13, 2017. Church visitation is conducted every other Sunday only or twice a month.   This is to give the staff the time to be in their home churches and/or visit other churches of their choice.


-          3 of my fellow workers and I attended the Candon Family Fellowship on September 23. I delivered the message, “The Legacy of a Christian Family”, while my co-workers facilitated a teambuilding session.

-          I attended the 45th anniversary of Carcarabasa church on September 24. I delivered the message with the theme “Increase in Faith”.



-          We welcomed Mrs. Kareen Bagain, wife of Mr. Jebram Roca, as a new member to the PBS family. The two tied the knot on October 6,

-          Enrichment seminars took place on October 7 in Bacarra and Luna simultaneously. The theme was “Keeping the Church Alive and Active.” The attendance in both places was 241.

-          Recognition for outstanding performance both in academics and extracurricular activities took place on October 12.

-          PBS faculty and staff together with BOT chairman, Bro. Abel Navarro enjoyed a 1-day out of town experience. The outing gave way for some team building activities for the group.

Second Semester


-          Classes started on November. 28 students enrolled, 17 fulltime and 11 part time. Some students who enrolled during the first semester didn’t continue this sem. When asked about their reason, they said they will continue their studies in the secular schools. However, 3 new students enrolled during this semester.

-          Bro. Abel was able to rub elbows with us again. With his presence, we were able to talk about many things for the betterment of the school.

-          Our students attended many youth gatherings this month. They officiated ball games, led parlor games and became worship leaders with their fellow youth. Some attended the fellowship in San Pedro on November 25, and some went to Bulacan in the evening of Nov. 25 to attend a National Youth Convention. They also joined the worship night at Nagsangalan church on the evening of Nov. 26.


-          We had a seminar on Basic Counselling on December 1. Lectures were given by Mr. and Mrs. Mel Maldupana.

-          Dec. 7 - Another opportunity for PBS to be a channel of blessing as we delivered some items for the Good Shelter Home for Children in Lallo, Cagayan.

-          With the initiative of my fellow workers, PBS was able to host a fellowship exclusively for the pastors of Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, and Abra. With the help of generous people, we were able to give them a program, a lunch and gifts. We received good remarks from this program and hoping that these pastors will be more inspired to work for the Glory of God.

-          We had our last day of classes on the 14th and the Christmas program on the 15th of this month.

-          Dec 17 – More gifts were delivered in a village in Abra.

-          The PBS choir and the rest of the faculty and staff visited some churches during the Christmas break.

o   December 16- PBS choir presented their songs during the Ilocos Sur Churches of Christ Mission Fellowship Convention in Luna, Burgos.

o   December 17 – Batac Church of Christ

o   December 19 –Manabo, Abra -  Enrichment Seminar was held morning and the Christmas musicale in the afternoon.

o   December 20 – Bazar Abra - Enrichment Seminar was held in the morning and the Christmas musicale in the afternoon.

o   December 21 – Poblacion Norte, Lidlidda


Reported by Ernesto Sta. Ana, Director


General Fund

We are very blessed to be part of a very simple but memorable Chapel dedication of Sitio Ayunggi Church of Christ

Cabaroan Daya, Vigan City, Philippines last July. With me with this visit are the members of CSF – FCC Altoona, PA who

joined us in the painting job and dedication of the said House of Prayer.

We continue to thank you for your partnership, prayers and support to the work in this part of the globe.



Balance on Hand Dec 1,2017         $   6,039.08

Receipts for Dec                             $   8,341.00

Total for Dec                                   $ 14,380.08

Expense for Dec                              $ 10,507.00             

Balance on Hand Dec 31,2017        $   3,873.08